michael zunenshine — 2 poems

Somewhere someone reads a book
On a bus and instead of turning a page
The driver shifts emotional gears and 
Floors the rig toward the opposite rush

Someone somewhere at one time
Or another checks a clock on a wall
In a subway station and realizes it's
Too late to become immortal

An airplane pilot has second thoughts
After a first helping of considerations
Left the passengers still hungry for more

They say the plane crossed over in peace
The clouds mopped up the earthly mess
The clouds they say don't ever change their mind


I’m starting to hate every new word 
Showing off its better fit onto an old idea
Repetition repetition repetition
Is what I want is what I want is what I’m starting to
Love you come in and out and in and out perhaps dressed up differently
But with the same bright how-do-you-do repeated like each scene
We’re getting closer to the director’s ultimate vision though
The two of us have secretly made a pact to never arrive on his stage
Fitted with outfits and faces that best reflect the light of 
Honest conversations that best reflect the light of
Mutually-understandable sentiments that best reflect the light of
Day rising setting repeat repeat repeat
Are you hearing it yet?
Repetition repetition and watch the old words
Get impaled on their singular points and 
Spill every old idea onto the just-mopped stage
Now slickened with meaning and
Hilariously deadly to the actors 
Who are lovers who are strangers
Who are employer and employee and who
Cannot go on with the show again
And again and again
Without finally slipping and falling for real this time
For real this time for real for real for real for
May we break our necks in someone else’s play
But not ours

MICHAEL ZUNENSHINE is a collection of mismatched machine parts from Montréal, some of which do writing while others do posting as @RealityTVDinner. Read some work at Apocalypse Confidential, Close to the Bone, Terror House Magazine, Soyos Books, and in Expat Press. Check 'em out here: linktr.ee/realitytvdinner.