james c springintveld – 3 poems

Maxillary second molar “2” 

I wish I was born with a big blue head 
full of baleen for flawless filter feeding 
calamari, crangon crangon and krill
rather than being condemned to grinding 
out my time in tooth tartarus

But I am genetically 70 to 75% sasquatch 
and less than 1% cetacean so I continue to 
choke on cloves, cannabis and codeine 
until a Lagos born Hancock County dentist 
dynamites my face with grace 


July 18 2022 

Ripped open my hand and
Thawed the wrong beef 
On the 2nd hottest day of the year 

July 19 2022

Ripped open my mind and
Thawed the wild blaze 
On the hottest day of the year

God bless Albert Hofmann 


Nostalgia for Summer 2007

Black magenta orange green st henri dawn  
Rabid and randy racoons rassle  
Rollin rollin rollin baby I like it raaaaaaaw 

Waiting 2 waiting 4 wading in a wet 48 
Rampaging rain reigns in restigouche  
In edmundston I dervish a dry dankje dance 

Finally home I eat shit no chebucto 
chow mein for this uncracked egghead  
Rollin rollin rollin baby I like it raaaaaaaw 

JAMES C SPRINGINTVELD smells like grapefruit and enjoys roast beef sandwiches. He met Robert Creeley while in High School and got in trouble for vandalizing samsara. His arrest record, degrees and CV are available upon request.