aniket sanyal – 5 poems


I don’t exercise 
But dream often

Sometimes wonder
As I wander 

Beside & beneath 
The abyss of all

Somehow life prevails 

Despite my slow
Suicidal lack
Of movement

on this day

feel nothing
not true
feel something

questions: who am I
what is pertinent 
just as I 
so will you

on this day
I am reckoning 
all hurt
of years past

today is fresh
pressed & scrubbed
out of the wash

help help
help me
and I shall aid you

what point 
to the toil 
the burn & sting 
of sword
or song

I am asking plainly 
in my pleasant voice

to crave

is to mean what
when I am happily unaware
of food & related sewage

what do I crave

do not bait me
with myriad affection(s)
the world is endless
and finds new ways 
to frighten me

I have lost 
my sword-point

I am lost
in a forest
a fortress

my synapses 
are not 
on speaking terms

	we must agree
	to disagree


god given this
goddamn idiot hatred
bordering new wilderness
fresh total collapse

piece back peace
post meal, before usual
song, dance & fugue

I ask, breath full
of careful mercy


destroy me

always cancer 
in my narrow river
rivulet, sweaty marrow

for we will have ourselves
new genie
or genius
fates, bones & stones
be damned

faint praise for persuasion
as if religion 
could fix the match—
or a face

there it is: clever goddess 
in careless amalgam 
with brutality 

this mid star 
loony of a bore

for hard times

all colored Hell

spat black dust
surrendered rose gold
so the spatter bled true

to look at me is to know

spatter of the above
bled to surface 

clogged with clot
creamy refuse

getting diseased, poor-man days
getting runny with rut 
all turning to scum

I am that one, such scum

hear me whimper,
          see me moan

ANIKET SANYAL'S recent work has appeared in DON'T SUBMIT, Fugitives & Futurists, Expat Press, and Terror House Press. He can be found on Twitter at @AniketSanyal6.