gg roland — 4 poems

drug commercial

do you look at your shoes? do you think 

“faggot.” and “these are faggot shoes” then mumble that out loud,

when you tie them up, when you’re walking, when you look down, at those shoes?

do you wander around your room before you leave?

take drugs. the ‘fast’ ones like cocaine 

adderall, concerta, vyvanse, ritalin, cocaine

you’ll feel excited to walk in your shoes


the grocery store is on fire

the people seem quiet, polite,
miserable, but
ready to help, altogether 
too nervous, shy, worried, about
problems, the problem, smiling back under a mask
they quickly join in


world war 1 planes

people had to be shouted at 

back on the ground

“throw your bomb this way, you idiot” 

because otherwise the bomb 

might catch an air draft, hit the tail

and ruin the mission 

my son’s third birthday

i grab an ankle
and swing his body like an axe
through the cake
into the stripper

gg roland lives in colorado